This week I am in a cabin on the edge of Rice Lake near Peterborough.

I am NOT on vacation (although I would like to be). Instead, I am here because my mother (who is 93 and lives in a retirement home in Peterborough), needs daily contact with her family.

Her memory is fading and when she does not see family regularly, she becomes anxious, believing we have left her. Normally my sister shoulders this task. She lives only 10 minutes from my mom, but this week, Dianne is on a houseboat. (She is the one who really deserves vacation.)

However, my mom’s new belief system has created a new reality.

I am okay with that. After all, making it to 93 should allow you to invoke SOME kind of special privileges; and our entire family cooperates to ensure mom is never left alone for long.

But it got me thinking. What belief system do I have that is creating my reality? Do I have the belief system I want to have? What could I change about my belief system that would change the world around me? Is there anything about my belief system that is NOT true and that is holding me back?

I was listening to an audio book by Debbie Ford and she says that we constantly look for validation that we are less than who we are, rather than validation that we are all we are supposed to be. For example, if we are left out of being invited somewhere, we might accept that as proof that we are not loved; rather than look to all the times people invite us places or want to be with us as proof that we are loved. Hence, we use negative experiences to determine our belief system, when there are actually far more positive experiences in our lives.

I decided to see what my good friend Oprah Winfrey might have to say about belief systems. This week, I am sharing Oprah’s short video on this topic.

Watch this week’s short video on the impact of your belief system.

Until next time,

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