My video this week is coming to you from the mountains of western Canada (Banff, Alberta) where I am spending a week with my family to ski, relax, and just generally have fun. Families are a tremendous gift and I have been blessed with a wonderful one. Desmond Tutu sums it up this way, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”

Sometimes our families are extended and include friends as well.

Whoever you count as your family, make certain to take time to spend with them. Be present. Enjoy. It is our relationships in life that matter the most. When my own father passed away several years ago, we had hundreds of people attend his memorial service. His extended family was large and enthusiastic about their love for him because he had taken time to nurture his relationships. At the time I was humbled by how many people my Dad had influenced and who felt special because of him. But it reminded me that relationships need attention to flourish.

While it doesn’t matter how large or small your own family of relationships are, make time for those relationships.

That is what I am doing this week.