Follow Colin’s journey in Gail’s 6-month private coaching program.


March has been a rollercoaster, in the best way. I finished a white paper on the benefits of a hybrid cloud solution for big data storage and analysis, which was a great learning experience. I also started working on Microsoft award submissions for a number of different companies. This has been great as it’s exposed me to interactions with senior level individuals at enterprise level corporations, something that’s intimidating but great for my professional development. This month has been a lighter one in terms of dollar amount invoiced (about $3,000), but I’m anticipating next month to be a bigger one.


April has been my most satisfying month as a writer so far. We wrapped up the Microsoft award submissions, which was crazy but awesome. I’m currently working on another white paper while focusing on acquiring more clients. All in, I think I’ll invoice almost $10,000 this month, which is more money than I made from writing in the entire year before starting private coaching.


This month was another productive one. I finished writing an entire website for an ERP company and will be working with them on further content (blogs, social media) over the next few months. I also worked on a white paper and have helped build up a newsletter for an immersive technology company. These are just the highlights. The next month will be focused on building my website and acquiring new clients.


July has been a fantastic month for my writing career. I was lucky enough to attend the Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) 2016 in Toronto where I met over 60 potential clients. While the experience was initially intimidating, it was well worth it. I learned a lot about sales, built up my confidence, and made over 60 new contacts. While it’s too soon to say how much business will ultimately be derived from this experience, many of the people I talked to were very interested in discussing working together further.


August has been a great month. I’ve had calls with some of the contacts I met at WPC and am very close to closing a couple of big deals. Depending on how things pan out, I could potentially close over $10,000 this month.

I’ve also finally realized my dream of working while seeing the world. I spent a week in Nashville where I got to learn from copywriting legend Ray Edward and hang out with my mentor and coach Gail Mercer-MacKay. After spending a few days back in Toronto I got on a plane to Whistler, BC, where I’ll be partying with my sister, enjoying the mountain air, and writing kickass copy.


August was another great month for freelancing. I finally took the plunge and decided to travel while working at the same time. While visiting Nasvhille, TN, I attended Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy, one of the highlights of my summer, both personally and professionally. Then I was off to Whistler, BC, where I spent my days working at the top of mountains and my nights hanging out with my sister. I also managed to close almost $10,000.

It is not an over exaggeration to say that Gail’s coaching program has changed my life. I can’t wait to see where my writing career takes me next.

Colin was working in the humid heat of a Toronto summer, swinging a hammer on a roof. He was miserable. Being a roofer in the construction trades was not the life he envisioned. Colin had already been in college but was thinking about going back. It seemed to be the only way he was going to find a better life for himself. He stumbled across the 6 Figure Freelance Writer one night when surfing the internet and thought – this might be a way to help him pay his tuition – but could he really do it?

Fast-forward a few months. Colin did go back to school with the help of money made as a freelance writer but guess what. He loved freelance writing more than anything. He quit school and decided to make freelance writing his career. Travel is important for Colin – so is his family. With his 6 Figure Freelance Writing income he planned and paid for a big milestone birthday party for his mom, signed up for other writing programs, attended a writing conference in Nashville as a VIP (yes, he can afford to upgrade to the top of the line programs now) and recently returned from a trip out to Whistler BC where he wrote a little and played a lot.

Colin is following his passion and he is really good at it. He is making more money in a month now than he made the previous year and is living a life that involves him marrying his passion for writing with his passion for travel.