Follow Karen’s journey in Gail’s 6 month private coaching program.


March was a whirlwind. The 6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint group was ramping up for the WPC awards and I thought I was behind the ball only having joined the group a few weeks earlier. Lost and confused I reached out to Gail who gave me specific exercises to build my online personal brand. Implementing her advice, a client responded to my query, which was terrifying! Through the private coaching, Gail joined me on numerous calls to develop the client relationship. The client signed my contract and I got right to work in an industry I had no experience in (earlier in the month I had to Google “what is the cloud?”). Gail helped me through each step and was available when I needed her. I learned about my client, my product offering and the impact I can have for my client and about a whole new industry!


Fully entrenched in awards submissions writing going from my first vomit draft to a clear representation of my clients successes. I wrote three awards and at the 11th hour my client asked for a fourth submission. Gail walked me through the guidelines and gave my client tips to maximizing their success. She was as invested in my clients win as I was. Through the process I made a few errors, calling clients at the wrong time in different times zones, misplacing data in the hoards of information I received, Gail was there to smooth it out with my client and talk me down from the ledge. My first client brought me $5000 and the prospect of more writing assignments from them. The remainder of April we focused on getting new clients to write monthly products for, generating monthly recurring revenue. Gail even introduced me to a few clients that I will write 4 products for yielding me another $1000. I’ve almost made my investment back in 2 months? Satisfying!


I hate rollercoasters.  They scare the s….sensibility out of me and as a writer, well, what else do I have?  I love static, predictable routine.  I eat the same thing for breakfast, everyday.  I walk the same way to work, everyday.  If I decided to move to another Province, it would be Saskatchewan for it’s unapologetically level landscape.  I’m just kidding, no one chooses to live in Saskatchewan.  My point being, there is a certain amount of uncertainty in being a freelance writer and it is unnerving to me.

This month I reached out to potential clients, nurtured existing clients and developed a promotional package that includes an all inclusive 3, 6, and 12-month initiative.  I followed Gail’s advice and pitched my promotional package to an existing client.  For two weeks we went back and forth going up the upsides of the initiative and down the downsides of the initiative and although they love my writing and what I can offer them, it’s just not within their budget right now.

After the nausea of the ride passed, I let the dust settle.  My three other clients that are providing me with at least a mild sense of stability are still by my side and I am thankful for them.  After speaking with Gail and a few others in the group they reassured me that, as I build my business, clients will return, relationships become stronger and long term stability will be in my future.


Quality writing and a strong partnership with clients has led me to more opportunities through word of mouth referrals. It is quite comforting to add a few more e-mails to the old CRM but I am still looking for my anchor client. This month I literally lived on LinkedIn, researching prospective clients, developing a custom pitch and hitting the connect button. It all seemed too easy, but actually paid off. All of my requests became connections, most thanked me for the offer and politely declined, and a few asked for more information. One, a strategic partner with one of Gail’s clients, asked to have a prelim phone call to discuss details. I reached out to Gail’s client for a reference and he happily agreed. While LinkedIn is a powerful tool and proven to be effective, I made the decision to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) for the day. Nothing beats actual face time with existing and potential clients to bridge a meaningful and lasting connection. It is quite an investment but I am bound to find my anchor client, hopefully at WPC.


Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) pretty much dominated the month of July for me.

With 16,000 people in attendance that’s a lot of innovators and a lot of companies to connect with.  The reality of the day however, experiencing the keynote speakers in the morning, attending insightful sessions of current clients, and navigating the labyrinth that is the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, was that I was left with very little time to connect with potential clients.

I went from booth to booth introducing myself, explaining my services and asking about their innovations.  I learned about 30 companies who are leading the way using the Microsoft platform, shook the hands of their Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, and Chief Technology Officers and experienced the type of connection one can only achieve with a face to face meeting.  What I learned from everyone I met is that they are looking for a “good writer.”

After WPC I reviewed all the business cards and brochures I collected and input their data into a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) and added them all as connections to LinkedIn. Two weeks after WPC I sent out my first newsletter detailing my services.  Within the hour of making contact, I received an e-mail from one of the companies explaining their desperate and time sensitive need for a “good writer.”

I’m a good writer.  So I e-mailed them back and we have a conference call next month to discuss their needs.  Wish me luck!


Everything is right in the world.  I am well on my way into a career in writing and even though I don’t have an anchor client yet, I can happily say I have sent out contracts for $5,500 worth of work for this month alone.  This month I have taken the first steps to stand on my own in this business, and being isolated in South Western Ontario on a dairy farm sometimes wears on my writing psyche.  This is my business and it’s going to take my passion and my ingenuity alone to drive it forward and as I push it forward I always know that there is a community of writers behind me, cheering for me and supporting me along the way.  Since joining the program 6 months ago, I have consistently made money writing people’s stories.  I am a writer and I am never looking back.

“The 6 Figure Blueprint Program gave me the foundation on which I have built my business on.  I worked my way through the modules and had Gail’s guidance through the process.  Month over month, I am making good money doing something I love while simultaneously having the freedom to take care of my children and the farm.  I have the program and our community to thank for making my writing career a reality.”