You’re sitting in your office cubicle daydreaming about sipping on a Mojito while lying in a hammock on an exotic tropical beach. Thoughts of a career change start swirling through your head. You’ve read stories about writers who travel and share their experiences, but aren’t sure how to break into that market. Where to begin? Where to focus? How to stand out in an oversaturated world of travel writers? These were the questions that had me holding off on my major life change for the longest time. Sound familiar?

Finding Your Way

Since every writer has their own style and approach, it’s unrealistic to think we should all follow one specific set of guidelines. Therefore, it’s important to find your true voice and follow your heart. But, will following your heart pay the bills? Perhaps, but not likely in the beginning. It’s difficult to be creative when you’re stressed. And if you’re worrying about making money – you will be stressed. One way to minimize this stress is to not go it alone. That was the approach I took and I’m glad I did.

Connect with like-minded people

There is a large community of writers who have all experienced challenges throughout their careers, many just breaking into the business and others who have found their way. Communicating with those who have experienced the growing pains will help you through your own process. When I took the leap of faith to embark on a writing career, I reached out to one writer I knew and respected. Her advice and guidance became instrumental in launching my career. She had me write stories daily on topics that came to mind, and provided feedback on my writing style. She then introduced me to the Gail Mercer-MacKay, 6 – Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint, and strongly suggested I consider enrollment. Through proven techniques, templates and coaching, the course is designed to walk the student through the necessary steps to evolve into a Content Marketing writing expert.

If you’re unsure as to what content marketing is, it can be defined as online material (such as videos, blogs, nurture emails, web pages and social media posts) that companies create and share, but which does not explicitly promote their brand. Instead, it is intended to educate their audience and stimulate interest in its products or services.

Take Baby Steps

Go ahead and make the decision to travel to a location of your dreams and write about your experiences. Get involved in a writing community while actively growing your network. The knowledge I gained from the Mercer-MacKay course, combined with the mentoring I received from my community of writing friends, helped me hone my skills and find my voice. I learned valuable techniques for writing blogs and eBooks, and that quickly translated into paid work. A writing career takes time and will develop organically if you simply dedicate the hours to the process.

Keep the Dream Alive

Since my focus is to make a living travelling and writing about my adventures, I’ve realized I can keep that dream alive by adding content marketing writing to my portfolio mix of offerings. Some may say it isn’t as glamorous as travel writing, but it can be fun and rewarding, and it is a necessity for every business operating today looking to connect with their audience in an effective and ongoing way. So, continue to catalogue your travel stories and create a personal blog site while nurturing your content marketing clients. After all, if it wasn’t for content marketing, I very well could be sitting back in that cubicle.

For professional advice on how content marketing can grow your business, contact the team at Mercer-MacKay today.