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Hi everybody — it's Gail here. If you follow me, you know that my business really started when I began to write award submissions for Microsoft Partners.


Because more than 3,000 partners from around the world have only 8 weeks to write and submit for a prestigious Microsoft award.

They all want to win — but they all hate to write.

And I happened to be ready with a pen (okay, a laptop).

I love to write and tell stories.

So writing award submissions was natural for me.

I make thousands of dollars every year in a very short period of time.

And every year I train writers to help me.

Those writers often write for me, but they also go out and find work for themselves (check out the testimonials below).


We know we need to do more than an hour of training to REALLY HELP writers learn everything they need to be successful.

That is why this year we are offering our first-ever certification boot-camp.

Reviews from 2017 Award Writers

 "I wouldn’t be where I am without writing Microsoft Awards. The most intense, challenging, and rewarding writing I’ve ever done."

Rebecca Mayville

Freelance Writer

"I'm not sure that one comment is enough about my experience with the awards. I could easily make a case study from my awards writing adventures. In short - absolutely, ground-breaking stuff if you are new to tech writing. Awards will remain an important cornerstone of your content marketing business in the years to come."

Iva Vlasimsky

Freelance Writer

 "It’s such a fun kind of writing — the best way of combining storytelling with technology and innovation!"

Kaarina Stiff

Freelance Writer

What You Get

In our one-day bootcamp, we will cover everything you need to know to feel confident. There will be live writing exercises, feedback from me and my editorial team, and lots of hand-holding along the way. At the end there will be a certification test. I'm tough, but I want all of you to pass and so we will do everything to prepare you.

Bootcamp Includes:

  • Award Writing Best Practices - Learn how to research, write and win for your clients. What are some of the secret tips I ALWAYS include.

  • UpSell - Write once and re-use often with a client to offer more value. Encourage clients to work with you after by turning their submission into a blog or a case study. Build relationships that will last beyond awards season.

  • Other Awards - Discover other awards programs that your clients can enter (and win). Help your clients develop an annual awards strategy as part of their marketing plan. 

Some more comments from our writers

"It was a wonderful eye opening experience for me. I was fortunate to have Aileen Provan hold my hand through my first year. The more we wrote, the more I wanted to write. The best part was how much I learned about tech writing, as well as each company in which we interacted. Looking forward to seeing how much better we become this year."

Geordie Seed

Freelance Writer

"Award writing last year was the first time I partnered with another writer and really loved the process...of course, I had the best partner Sally Moore!!!"

Shari Czar

Freelance Writer

"It was trial by fire, for sure, but so rewarding, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. You find out what you're made of and how wonderful a creation can be. And working with Shari Czar was one of the great pleasures of this experience. An amazing writer and smart business person. As writers in this group, we learn so much and support each other."

Sally Moore

Freelance Writer

Awards FAQ

Here are some of the questions we usually get.

  • How many writers make up your team?

    Last year we had 19 writers. We wrote 99 award submission entries for 33 companies. This year we are advertising for more clients and we expect to need more writers — in fact, partners are already lining up to hire us.

  • Are you limiting the number of people who can attend the workshop?

    Yes, we are — we need to be able to give one-on-one attention to the attendees.

  • Is the bootcamp in-person or online?

    It is both — we will have 25 seats available here in Burlington, Ontario. Everybody else will be coming in online. You will get the same attention and learning opportunity whether you are in the room or in the online room.

And A Few More Questions

  • How much money can I make?

    That is up to you. Writers typically make between $500 and $750 per award when hired by Mercer-MacKay. Often in their first year writers will easily make a few thousand dollars. Writers with more experience can make much more. 

  • What if I pass the course but don't make your writing team?

    Part of the boot-camp is to teach you how to find and approach some of the 3,000 partners who will be looking for someone like you.

  • Will you still be hiring 19 writers this year?

    This year I expect to use more than 19 writers. We will be promoting and advertising this service for the first time (in the past it has always been word-of-mouth referral business), so we expect to sign up a lot of new clients.

About Gail Mercer-MacKay

For years I dreamed about what it might be like to make a living as a writer. It took a big event (getting fired from my job) and a big leap of faith to make my dream a reality.

That was in the fall of 2007 and today I am happy to tell you that I am a successful freelance writer who makes over seven figures annually and loves getting up in the morning to write stories for my clients.

For me it feels like a miracle. You see, I never trained professionally as a writer. My career was in information technology. And when I decided I was going to pursue writing, all of my writing friends told me – STOP – don’t do it. You will starve. Well, my friends were wrong. I didn’t starve.

In fact, I discovered a secret. That the market for freelance writers is hot and the market is growing fast. I learned where the best freelance assignments are and how to get them. My business grew so fast that I had to sub-contract work out to those same friends who first told me I wasn’t going to make it. That’s right. In about a year I was making more money than professional writers who had been writing their entire career.

Those same friends also asked me to teach them what I know. Then their friends asked for help, and before I knew it, I was getting requests each week from people who wanted to know how they could do what I do.

I would love to share with YOU how I did it. If I could do it I know YOU can too!

Sign up Now!

Until February 9th at 11:59 PM, you can register for the workshop for only $247. This is fully refundable if you change your mind. 

Invest in yourself and make this year YOUR year to get your freelance writing career started fast.


You can attend the full-day workshop (8A - 4:30P EST) on February 10th, 2018 either online or in-person at the Burlington Art Gallery in Burlington, Ontario. 

There are only 25 in-person spots, so be sure to grab yours now!