From Full-Time Employment to Freelancing…One Giant Leap


You sit quietly in your cubicle at your corporate job. Your day was jam-packed with back-to-back conference calls, yet you feel like you and your colleagues haven’t accomplished very much. You have been sitting at your desk mostly feeling boxed in.

Competing departmental or management agendas, personality conflicts and organizational silos often means one step forward, two steps back.

It’s a tough economy, so many people empathize with you, but nobody wants to stick their neck out and speak up. Bob did, and shortly after, Bob was carrying a cardboard box to the elevator. You heard Bob is a freelance writer now. He looked so tanned and happy on Facebook. Good for Bob!

You pack up your laptop, and head for the parking lot. Three more hours of work tonight. Plus dinner with the kids.

Actually, come to think of it, your kids are out with Bob’s family. Drive-through burger and home office dinner it is. You had to tell Bob you couldn’t make it, maybe next time. You turn your radio station to the news channel, and there’s an accident on the highway home.


Sound Familiar?

The perils of full-time employment have driven many toward freelance work, either consciously or by happy accident. For many recent grads, a corporate job isn’t just out of reach due to lack of experience, it’s not even on their radar. Many digital natives would rather become digital nomads, and freelance to build their resume.

Some forces which often push people out of full-time employment to freelancing include:

  • Corporate acquisitions and resulting layoffs
  • Marketplace evolution, causing business churn and company drain
  • Creatives frustrated with corporate restrictions, process and B.S.
  • Successful professionals who suffer burn-out on corporate hamster wheel
  • High-functioning employees who hit a glass ceiling and parachute into freelancing

Have you found yourself staring out your office window at the woman in the park, walking her dogs at noon? Do you remember the conversation with the man in the cafe, tapping away at his laptop with a latte? They seem to be happy with the path their career is on.

Leaving the security blanket of a full-time job and pursuing a freelance writing career isn’t for the faint of heart. Still, joining a community of like-minded freelancers provides:

  • Confidence that you can succeed
  • Inspiration and ideas
  • Camaraderie and support
  • A tribe to call your own

When you blaze your trail as a freelance writer, remember to be confident, work hard, and leave room in your content for your unique personality!