Hi everyone,

Happy New Year. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed a little down time with family and friends.

I was delighted when, over the holidays, I received several emails from people who thanked me for inspiring them to take action in 2017 – they shared some of their results and as always I am thrilled to hear of successes from our tribe.

I also received emails from some of you who thanked me for inspiring you to take action for 2018. Some of you have already quit your jobs and are taking the next step toward freelance writing freedom.

First – don’t thank me. I am not doing it, YOU are. YOU are taking the action and YOU are realizing the results.

If I’m inspiring you, that is awesome but I am simply paying it forward.

So what is the ONE thing you need to do?

Take action.

Do the next right thing and rely on your tribe to carry you through.

If you dream of a different life, take the action you need to take to make it happen. You can view a transcript of this week’s video here.

I believe in you.

Until next time,

Believe. Be Brave. Go Write!