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  Are you a freelance writer struggling to find steady work? Have you dreamed of becoming a freelance writer and turning your passion into a 6-figure annual income? Get my free Guide to learn how you can create the freelance career of your dreams – and take your business to the shores of success.

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Taking Gail’s 6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint was like finding a road map. It opened up the world of possibilities for me that I knew was out there but just didn’t know how to find, and I immediately immersed myself in the work. As much as I got from learning to build a business, the strong connection with Gail and positive encouragement she offered were huge for me. Coming from a micromanaged environment, it took time to change my reaction to Gail’s approval with a simple “Thank you” instead of “Are you serious?” I was waiting for a ‘but’, but that ‘but’ never came. I’m now confident interviewing clients and writing their stories, and my business is thriving. What I lack in specific industry knowledge for a client I make up for with research skills and intuition, and I can get to the heart of a story. Anyone can learn technical terminology, but the purpose of a good writer is to tell the story.
Rebecca Mayville

Freelance Writer

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6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint

Are you a Freelance Writer struggling to find steady work? Have you dreamed of becoming a freelance writer and turning your passion into a 6-figure income? 6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint is a proven, step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to build a successful Freelance Writing Business. The twelve-step Blueprint identifies your target market, your ideal client and the type of writing that interests you. It shows you where to find your ideal client, how to approach them and how to price your product. Use the same steps that Gail used to build her business to the point where she is now employing other freelancers to keep pace with demand!

Awards-Writing Certification Workshop

Kick-Start Your Writing Business Into Overdrive Now I started my business by writing awards for some of the 3,000 technology companies from around the world who have only eight weeks to write and submit for a prestigious Microsoft award. (Late February to early April) Each awards season, I train writers to learn how to write award-winning submissions for these companies. Many of these writers join my awards writing team – many others kick their own writing business into high gear. This year, you can be one of these writers. My highly specialized training will provide you with everything you need to be successful. Join us as we offer our first-ever awards-writing certification boot-camp.

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