Hi, everyone,

It is New Year’s Eve and we are only a few hours away from welcoming 2018.

For many of you, the new year is a time of resolutions and goal-setting. I know it is for me. I encourage you to take a piece of paper and write some of your goals down. We are more likely to achieve our goals if we write them on paper.

In the meantime, what 2017 has taught me more than anything is to live in the moment while beginning each day with gratitude.

For me practicing gratitude has opened up my heart which in turn has opened new doors, new opportunities and new adventures.

Gratitude has healed past hurts and cemented my closest relationships.

Gratitude is helping me live and enjoy my fullest life possible.

Enjoy this week’s video and take time to be grateful.

I am incredibly grateful for all of you.

Happy New Year

Believe. Be Brave. Go Write.


P.S. Watch the video below, or if you’re not much of a video person, you can read the transcript here.