Want to Write in Your PJs? You are Not Alone!

Writing is my life. I can’t remember when I didn’t want to slip on the jammies, hide myself away and put words on a page. Like many others, I needed a way to do what I love and focus on that every day. For that, I needed to be paid for my work in a consistent and fulfilling way.

Work-Life Integration

This week, fittingly, I'm talking to you from the road — my daughter-in-law and I decided to get some quality downtime in. Thanks to technology and work-life integration, taking off on a Friday is a possibility for me. If you're a modern worker, especially if you're a...

The Uncertainty of Pain

This week I've got a good friend with me — Pam Maguire — who has been so helpful as to assist me in eating the delicious lunch I have prepared. Pam, as any good friend should, is also talking with me about life, the universe, and how strangely difficult it can be to...

The Importance of Consistency

It's been a while since you've heard from me — several weeks! — and there's a reason for that. As tax season is to accountants, Microsoft Awards season is to Mercer-MacKay, and we're in the thick of it right now. As we skidded across the finish line of Inspire Awards...

How GDPR Has Changed Content Marketing

GDPR is not as scary as it seems. Respect, honesty and transparency along with a good nurture marketing platform will let companies continue generating great content, as well as talk directly to the people they most want to reach.

The Hero’s Journey — How It Can Make Your Sell Sheets Shine

You might remember my previous video about using fairytale story structure — including the hero's journey — in your content marketing. The elements of good storytelling always stay the same, no matter the medium. This week, I talk about a specific type of sell sheet,...

Increase Your Happiness Quotient

It's mid-February again, and here at Mercer-MacKay, that means one thing — awards season has fully arrived! It's an exhilarating, occasionally overwhelming ride that can challenge my natural optimism and leave me feeling depleted and negative. Even in those "down"...

The Market Is Better than Ever — Come On In!

This week’s video and transcript are coming to you from Peterborough, where I'm spending time with family — and am hard at work on our Awards Writing Workshop. Registration is almost full – but there are a few spots left. You can reserve your place now by going here....

Upselling Your Client from $5,000 to $25,000

If you received a call from a new prospect – someone you had never met before but who called looking for a specific piece of work – would you be satisfied if the call resulted in a $5,000 contract? What if instead you could upsell them to a $25,000 contract? In this...

Awards Writing Workshop — Invest in Yourself

Hi, everyone, This week’s video contains the details for signing up for the Awards Writing Workshop on February 10. (Of course if you want to skip reading the transcript or listening to me — about 3 minutes — click the link here to learn how to register.) If you DO...

6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint

Are you a Freelance Writer struggling to find steady work? Have you dreamed of becoming a freelance writer and turning your passion into a 6-figure income?

6-Figure Freelance Writer Blueprint is a proven, step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to build a successful Freelance Writing Business.

The twelve step Blueprint identifies your target market, your ideal client and the type of writing that interests you. It shows you where to find your ideal client, how to approach them and how to price your product.

Use the same steps that Gail used to build her business to the point where she is now employing other freelancers to keep pace with demand!

Awards-Writing Certification Workshop

Kick-Start Your Writing Business Into Overdrive Now

I started my business by writing awards for some of the 3,000 technology companies from around the world who have only eight weeks to write and submit for a prestigious Microsoft award. (Late February to early April)

Each awards season, I train writers to learn how to write award-winning submissions for these companies. Many of these writers join my awards writing team – many others kick their own writing business into high gear. This year, you can be one of these writers.

My highly specialized training will provide you with everything you need to be successful. Join us as we offer our first-ever awards-writing certification boot-camp.