This week I’ve got a good friend with me — Pam Maguire — who has been so helpful as to assist me in eating the delicious lunch I have prepared.

Pam, as any good friend should, is also talking with me about life, the universe, and how strangely difficult it can be to change our lives for the better.

People frequently have trouble with this, it seems. It’s so easy to point out the opportunities that others should take, but when it comes to making positive change in our own lives, we’re often blind.

That’s because change is scary — especially if it threatens our status quo. We gravitate towards the certainty of our current pain rather than embrace the new joys and pains that change inevitably brings.

Who can say what wonderful things you’ll be able to experience if you embrace change? Watch this week’s short video or read the transcript to hear about some examples from my own life.

Until next week,

Believe. Be Brave. Go Write!