If you received a call from a new prospect – someone you had never met before but who called looking for a specific piece of work – would you be satisfied if the call resulted in a $5,000 contract?

What if instead you could upsell them to a $25,000 contract?

In this week’s video, as well as the transcript, I talk about how to do that.

Part of the answer is to be curious – ask a lot of questions about their needs and let them know when you have other offerings that match.

The other part is to be ready and confident. Honestly, I think I do a pretty good job of helping writers get ready to find and close work. I say that humbly because the writers in my community tell me I do that well.

Today is the last day to take advantage of my “Writing Microsoft Awards Certification Bootcamp”.

It is highly likely that every graduate of this class will work for me over the next 8 weeks. And be well paid for it.

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If getting started writing fast – or finding work quickly – is part of your plan this year, then I urge you to join us.

Until next week,

Believe. Be Brave. Go Write!