6 Ways the 6-Figure Freelance Writing Community Changed My Life


Writing is my life. I can’t remember when I didn’t want to slip on the jammies, hide myself away and put words on a page.

Like many others, I needed a way to do what I love and focus on that every day. For that, I needed to be paid for my work in a consistent and fulfilling way. But I was bombarded with requests to write for a pittance, provide services beyond the scope of contract or work for clients who did not respect the role of a writer. I was frustrated that, after so many years proving my skills, I still had to fight the perception that writers should work for free. I had a few clients I loved working for, but I needed more to make a go of a full-time career.

So I signed up for Gail Mercer-MacKay’s free 30-day email. With each daily message, my joy grew at the possibilities for a writer. There is real content in the messages, advice for writers that makes sense and can actually grow my business.

Then, I took the leap and joined the 6-Figure Freelance Writing community. This was the beginning. A moment that transformed the way I look at writing for business and the sense of community that fuels that growth.


The Best Client for the Best Writer


For every product and company with a new idea, there’s a web site and other social media hungry for words. Our words. But how to reach those companies and get paid what we deserve as a writer? How to turn today into that “someday” we’ve been wishing for? That’s the knowledge gap that the 6-Figure Freelance Writing Community filled for me.


6 Ways to “Someday”


  1. Blueprint for Success: What’s in a Module?

The first thing that came my way was a 12-module course. Homework! It’s daunting taking that first step and opening module 1. But it was time to be brave and go click. Suddenly the world opened up and there I was, immersed in all the colours of the freelance writing world. I soon found myself lost in the mission, going from one module to the next.

One by one, the “secrets” unfold into a strong story of YOU, with a beginning, middle and an end that add up to your new business. The exercises in this neat package are steps you can go back to as your business grows; building blocks to a better future that keep you on track, strengthened by monthly coaching calls, a community FB page, training sessions, inspirational videos, emails from Gail and more.

  1. Support and Inspiration: You don’t have to go it alone.

6FFLW includes some of the best and most serious writers in North America and beyond. I’m amazed at how positive this community is. We support each other with advice on dealing with clients, pricing services, what kind of services to offer, what opportunities to look for and what to avoid. That is invaluable to me, especially when I feel outside my comfort zone, or need inspiration to keep writing, something every writer experiences.

  1. Business Skills: Turn your Career into a HOME run.

Working from home doesn’t mean ‘unprofessional’. The steps to running an expert business give you the foundation to write and get paid what you are worth (and actually make money!). In this community, I quickly found guidelines for business processes, invoicing, contracts, scope of work (SOW), non-disclosure and other professional practices. In the course of the last year, I’ve learned so much about the businesses I’ve written for, and that jump-started my profile as a writer and gave me an edge in taking on further work. I could not have come up to speed this quickly without the guidance of the 6FFLW community.

  1. Partnerships: You’ll never write alone.

There are so many talented writers in this group, and we all have our strengths as well as areas where we are still learning. I’ve had the opportunity to pair with other writers, participate in their projects and refer projects I couldn’t take on. This has been one of the biggest advantages for me. What I’ve learned from others has strengthened my own writing and enabled me to take on projects I couldn’t have otherwise.

  1. Opportunity: You’ve banged on doors, now hear them open.

6FFLW provides you with tested methods on how to find clients. I found these principles easy to follow, and an added bonus was that doing so improved my profile as a writer. The community also provides writing opportunities, such as referrals, access to special projects, blog contests and communities you can work with. Now, I have worked with companies from all over the world and met amazing people. All without having to change out of my beloved jammies!

6. Income: Reaching for the brass ring just got a lot easier.

Probably the most mystifying aspect of writing for a living is how those numbers on a spreadsheet add up to making a living. One of the best lessons for me was how to translate my personal writing goals into a work plan that added up to the income I wanted to make. I used the tools provided in the modules, followed the advice on the FB page and in the coaching calls, and, magically, the path became clear. Writing what I wanted to write, how I wanted to write, for the clients I wanted to write for produces the income I want in the hours I’m willing to dedicate. That’s a magic I can get behind!


Sally Moore, freelance writer, in her living room with her computer

Writing for YOUR Life


Working with 6FFLW gave me the keys to the life I wanted. Before joining Mercer-MacKay, I was working on projects I sometimes didn’t enjoy and putting in a lot of hours I was never paid for. This year, my accountant called while preparing my tax return.

“You made a lot more money this year!” he said. My income had doubled, and it was mostly income from writing. From doing what I love.

Now I’m not only a writer, I’m a writer who chooses what I will write, and when and where to write—and I’ve had to buy a lot more PJs, because I wear them out much faster!